NFT “all-time high” sale, Beeple’s “Everydays” sold for $69 million!

Beeple beat his own record! After impressing the world with his NFT video “Crossroads” featuring a giant ex-president of the USA laying on the ground that sold for $6.6 million, the digital art superstar managed to do it again, and in what fashion!  Christie’s, a British auction house announced that Mike Winkelmann’s NFT called “Everydays … Read more

Celebrities jumping on NFT spaceship

The digital art revolution is watched closely by famous and wealthy that believe in innovation. Artists, rappers, DJs, CEOs, investors, and influencers don’t sleep on big things and that’s the reason behind many of them deciding to leave a mark in digital history. Some of them already managed to gain enormous profit for their participation … Read more

Top NFT Marketplaces

Ok, so far interest in “non-fungible” digital art quadrupled in 2021. Sports lovers, billionaires, celebrities, street artists, rappers, and designers started creating their authentic digital art which increased the value and trading volume to the point that it’s impossible not to ask Yourself: “Is there a piece of cake for me in this blockchain feast”? … Read more