Celebrities jumping on NFT spaceship

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The digital art revolution is watched closely by famous and wealthy that believe in innovation.

Artists, rappers, DJs, CEOs, investors, and influencers don’t sleep on big things and that’s the reason behind many of them deciding to leave a mark in digital history.

Some of them already managed to gain enormous profit for their participation in the NFT hype.

Let’s see who they are and how they have contributed to the NFT community.

Kings of Leon

Tennessee-based, American band Kings of Leon decided to make history by becoming the first band to release an Album as an NFT.

The release was scheduled for Friday, March 12th.

The band released 3 types of tokens as a part of “NFT Yourself”. The first type is a premium Album package, the second one is more “real life” based allowing owners of tokens to have front-row seats and tickets for life on their concerts and the third one is showing exceptional art + music tokens.

Kings of Leon Album is released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify but only the NFT version has special features like a fancy, moving album cover, as well as a digital download of the music, and limited-edition vinyl. The price will be $50 per token. A special perk that was minted for the Kings of Leon release was 18 unique “Golden tickets” which are also actual, real concert tickets. Out of 18, 6 will go on an auction and 12 will be locked. The owners of NFT tickets have guaranteed front-row seats to any Kings of Leon concert during each tour for life. The token owner also got a VIP package that includes a personal driver, a concierge at the show, a hangout with the band before the show, and exclusive lounge access.

And last but not least there are another six unique-looking tokens that are typical NFTs that include both audio and visual art. Their price ranged from $95 to $2500.

With crypto spreading roots through the music industry Kings od Leon will definitely go in history as the first to release an NFT Album.

Steve Aoki

Musician and superstar Steve Aoki made his NFT debut joined with talented artist Antoni Tudisco famous for his breathtaking 3D visuals. This partnership made enormous success for their first NFT launch on Nifty Gateway that sold out within a blink of an eye.

It featured a total of 11 different features. Dream catcher open editions.

His collection named “Character X” minted in 618 pieces priced at $2500 each is sold out. The smaller collection named “Run”, minted in 280 pieces of course sold out in record time for $5000 apiece.

There was an interesting mystery NFT, where buyers received one of eight different artworks priced $2000, but it was followed by an aspect of luck since it was completely random what piece could you get.

The rarest one called “Whales” had only a 0.46% chance of dropping so only one incredibly lucky individual got it. That’s why this drop brought in whooping $436,000 and sold out almost instantly. 

All in all, perfect NFT entrance for Steve and Antoni who cashed out over 3.3 million out from their first NFT sales.

We see this only as a beginning.

Mike Winkelmann, “Beeple”

The whole digital world is talking about this digital art phenomenon. He became famous when major auction house Christie’s announced that it will be selling its piece of art as the world’s first fully digitized product without any physical component. That day NFTs made history and Beeple represented the whole digital community being the first digital artist whose work was listed on the Global auction sale. He became super-popular, having CEOs, investors, big platform owners, artists approaching him on social networks. He became such a trend that even Sean Lennon, the son of musician John Lennon became one of his buyers.

“We are best friends now,” Mike said in a joke.

He broke all records with a 10 seconds long video called “Crossroads” designed as a response to the 2020 presidential election. Depending on the election’s results, one of two videos—one featuring Trump as a winner, the other showing a defeated, discouraged one—would play. 

It was sold for $6.6 million at Nifty Gateway, an online cryptocurrency marketplace for digital art. 

Beeple is sure at the center of attention and we expect to see more successful work from him soon.


Famous Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter Grimes, as well as her partner Elon Musk is in love with crypto. She excited fans and collectors all around the world by announcing her own NFT collection.

She launched a 10-piece collection having some items 1 of a kind and some with a much larger number of copies. Her collection was so successful that she managed to earn a total of 6 million dollars.

The most expensive piece “Death of the old” sold for $388 000. Her other collections “Earth” and “Mars” sold in 700 copies priced at $7500 each.

She gave a significant percentage of her earnings to “Carbon180” a non-profit organization focused on cleaning the atmosphere for carbon.

Grimes did a great job contributing to the NFT community and plans to at least repeat the same success.

Lindsay Lohan 

Lindsay Lohan starred in a beloved movie ‘’Mean Girls’’ 17 years ago, but these days she’s minting and selling her NFT for thousands of dollars through Rarible NFT Marketplace. It seems everybody these days wants to get a piece of NFT delicious cake – even if they keep referencing Bitcoin to obviously Ethereum-based NFTs

Lohan tweeted out that “Bitcoin is the future” and encouraged her 8.4 million followers to click on a link to her first NFT.

‘’Bitcoin is the future, happening now. Support my vision of empowerment by collecting this 1 of 1 NFT from @rariblecom ‘’ 

Lindsay minted her own token on Rarible NFT Marketplace, and it was bought by “Loopify” for 10 WETH, which is 17,360$, only to be sold an hour later to “Mr. Lohan” for 33 WETH which is 57,290$. “Mr. Lohan” is now trying to flip the coin. Every time an NFT is resold, Lohan gets a portion of it, which she said she’ll donate to “charities that accept Bitcoin.”

Her Rarible token description said: “Here is my first Digital Collectible from which I shall donate to charities that accept Bitcoin to empower younger generations in order for them to adapt and learn about this revolution that humanity is witnessing.” 

As we can see more and more celebrities are creating, selling, and buying NFT’s and so do their fans and so do the people that just love the art. Collectors, youngsters, gen Z, digital communities, and many more already see potential in the NFT movement, and it’s just in the developing phase. We are all curious about what the future will bring.