Space Runners, the NFT Fashion Platform Raises $10 million

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Space Runners, a firm focused on developing digital wearables and NFTs in a recent round of funding has raised a total of $10 million. The round of funding was co-led by Pantera Capital, Polychain, Jump Capital, Accel, and various participants. Participants like the chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brand, Yat Siu, and the co-founder of Fractal and Twitch, Justin Kan.

Space Runners is said to be collaborating with bands and artists to create items that will feature in various games. Similarly, the NFTs can also be redeemed to gain real-life access to meet-and-greets and events with athletes and celebrities.  According to the co-founder of Space Runners, Won Soh, the goal of Space Runners is to create the very first end-to-end Fashion ecosystem on the blockchain.

With this latest funding, Space Runners is looking to expand its brand and become the biggest supplier of interoperable fashion items for various games and metaverse. This statement was released shortly after the financing round was concluded. So far, Space Runners have been able to raise a total of $30 million since its launch.

In summary, the funding will help bring to life the core goals and mission of Space Runners which is to develop a radical space in the metaverse. By doing so, the firm’s branded fashion items can be celebrated, flaunted, and above all gamified.

The team behind Space Runners will also be looking to build a metaverse that encompasses such fashion items. This will help to improve its creative wear-to-earn model which offers rewards and incentives to individuals ready to venture into the Space Runners metaverse fashion bandwagon.

A partner at Pantera Capital, Paul Veradittakit in an interview asserted how proud Pantera is to support the vision and goals of Space Runners. He praised the creativity and innovation behind the firm’s idea of paving a new way to relate with fashion on the blockchain. With del expression and digital identity coming to be a vital component of the metaverse, it is believed that fashion will be very vital in the metaverse even more than the real world.

Late last year, the firm in partnership with former NBA Champions Nick Young and Kyle Kumza also launched its debut collection dubbed the NBA Champions Sneaker Collection.

The collection was launched last year December with the form recording a sale of about 10,000 NFTs 9 minutes after launch. Since then, Space Runners have grown significantly having more than five hundred thousand members across Instagram, Twitter, and Discord.