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Ankara University has become Turkey’s first higher education institution to provide a non-fungible tokens course (NFTs). High-ranking government officials attended the recently established NFT lecture. After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan directed the country’s ruling Justice and Development Party to examine innovations such as bitcoin and the metaverse, the idea to include the NFT curriculum was taken. The move comes after he stated in December that Turkey is ready to adopt a crypto law.

The rector of Ankara University, Necdet Unuvar, says that while they are glad to teach about NFTs, the students are even happier to learn. Bura Ayan teaches the “Introduction to NFT” course. Deputy Culture and Tourism Minister Ozgül Ozkan Yavuz and Ali Taha Koç, the head of the Turkish Presidency’s Digital Transformation Office, were among those who attended the “Introduction to NFT” course. In the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister Yavuz stated that he expects the NFT will inspire artistic creativity, skills, and talents among youth. “At the end of the academic year, I’m excited to see the results.” “We can show all of the NFT works created by the students that took part in this course,” Yavuz continued.

According to Koç, his office is also working on a number of digital projects. “Do not believe that NFT is solely a technological issue. NFT also has a legal component, which will force us to consider how it will effect our business practices,” he stated.
Koç mentioned that his department is now working on a Turkish acronym for NFTs, and he encouraged course participants to contribute their own ideas to the endeavor. After declaring his intention to organize a vote on social media, he added, “Everyone should join and contribute an alternate name to NFT.”

We saw an exponential increase in NFT (non-fungible token) sales, and the market has continued to develop since then. NFTs are revolutionizing the art, music, and sports industries, allowing for the monetization and ownership of digital assets, in addition to being part of pop culture. Whether you think of NFTs as the next big thing or merely a passing craze, there’s no doubting that they’re in the news right now, and some enthusiasts have turned them into a full-fledged business. Ankara University seized the opportunity to address the growing need for NFT expertise.