The Weeknd teases new song will be NFT

The Weeknd

The Weeknd decides to take a step into the booming world of blockchain technology that has sparked an investment craze in art, entertainment, and media. He is teasing a new song which he claims is “coming soon”. It is unclear at this stage whether the song is called ‘Living In NFT Space’ or whether it … Read more

Pringles joins Virtual Art Craze


Pringles announced the release of a new limited-edition flavor called “CryptoCrisp” on Twitter earlier this week, but you won’t be finding it on grocery store shelves. Pringles released a limited number of 50 NFTs in their “CryptoCrisp” collection and only 50 packages of “In real life” special flavor packages of chips. Each NFT has a … Read more

To sell or not to sell?

After tweeting that he’s about to put a tweet about his NFT up for a sale, and actually doing that on the Valuables platform, SpaceX CEO decided NOT to sell it, regardless of Sina Estavi’s BID of over $1.1 Million for it. It doesn’t feel right he tweeted without further explanation. To remind you, Techno … Read more