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Among many other superstars, Sylvester Stalone, a well-known action movie star, is entering the NFT area. He’s launching his own collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). PlanetSly is the name of his collection, which consists of 9,997 SLYGuys NFTs commemorating his life and career in movies.

Stallone’s NFTs are limited-edition characters that pay tribute to the actor and his renowned stellar career. Along with the many images of Stallone, some of the NFTs will contain a range of ways for fans to connect with him, such as dinners, virtual movie screenings, and special events, providing fans unprecedented access to one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

SLYguys is the name given to the NFTs. Fans who wish to obtain first access to the NFT sale via an invite-only presale must display “SLYLove” by posting a 1-minute video on social media that demonstrates Stallone fandom, whether it’s an impression, art, or something else. There’s also a Discord channel where fans may communicate to improve their chances of getting early access. In addition, a select number of NFT holders will be invited to the Ultimate Stallone Experience Dinner and Afterparty in 2022. To obtain access, fans must have at least three SLYGuy NFTs in their wallet when the “snapshot” is taken later this summer.According to the website, the event will be “over the top” and will be a free day and night celebration of Sly’s life and achievements. It will be held in Miami and will feature a gala dinner with Stallone. Stallone will sign 25 of the most valuable NFTs. On OpenSea, these 1/1 Golden Signature SLYGuys will be auctioned off, along with exclusive utilities.

The limited-edition NFT project will launch in April and will include both blockchain-based and in-person items. PlanetSLY, which is controlled by Sylvester Stallone, is a social media platform for fans, collectors, and NFT fans. For the April mint date, 9,997 SlyGuys will be available for purchase on the website and will be available on the Ethereum network.