Diesel Ventures Into The NFT Space Via the D:VERSE Project

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The D:VERSE platform is one that enables NFTs to be effortlessly created, minted, and traded without the need for coding. The D:VERSE platform offering an automatic drag-and-drop interface allows developers to design items without having any programming experience. 

Game servers also make use of this platform to design and develop their own games within a short time while still having full ownership of their work. 

It’s no longer news that Luxury fashion houses have started venturing into the crypto space and experimenting with various blockchain tech. Be it building an innovative metaverse platform or curating NFT collections, a lot of luxury fashion houses are definitely up to something. And a very good and latest example is Diesel. 

The Italian fashion behemoth, Diesel is gradually diving deep into the metaverse and has launched a creative project named D:VERSE.’ The name was strategically coined to help maintain and boost the popularity of the project. The D:VERSE project is said to allow users to invest and trade various digital assets in the space. 

Diesel’s winter and fall 2022 collection inspired the D:VERSE project which consists of a blend of fashion NFT items and their physical counterparts. The collection consists of four unique types of NFTs with each providing access to the brand’s NFT community and other incredible perks. 

The D:VERSE-KEY comprises Digital artwork, offering holders guaranteed slots in future whitelist launched shortly holders will also have access to NFT pre-sales in the near future. The D:PROTOTYPE-CR NFT will also come with a pair of shoes designed for metaverse avatars, digital artwork NFT, and an exclusive edition pair of real Diesel sneakers. 

On the other hand, the D:PUFFER NFT comes with a puffer jacket designed for metaverse avatars, an invite to the forthcoming fashion show organized by Diesel, and an actual W-Ralle Puffer Jacket. Meanwhile, the D:FUR NFT will feature a Fur NFT designed for metaverse avatars, a VIP ticket for the forthcoming fashion show organized by Diesel as well as an all-access ticket with front row seats, and a real denim fur coat 

The D:VERSE project successfully launched on Rarible on the 12th of March,2. The NFTs are available for purchase using either crypto or conventional fiat currency. You can always watch a tutorial video on how to set up an e-wallet for smooth purchases.