Somnium space

Somnium Space aiming to lead OpenSea trading volume rankings

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OpenSea is by now the leading NFT Marketplace earning a nickname “Amazon of NFTs”. As many of you already know, OpenSea allows anyone to create their Marketplace on their platform.

So far, famous Cryptopunks, the first “Non-Fungible-Tokens” on Ethereum and motivation for the ERC-721, that became a standard for creating digital collectibles, were dominating Opensea in Trading Volume, barely having any week less than 5000ETH.

Now there is a new star on the horizon with over 4,400 ETH in the last 7-days trading volume and it’s called Somnium Space.

What is Somnium Space?

If you didn’t purchase a part of digital land in the Somnium means you didn’t hear about them yet. Somnium Space is an open-source social VR world based on blockchain and totally sculpted by its users, allowing them to purchase digital land on which they build VR homes and buildings.

So it might sound familiar, but we promise, this is not something You have seen before. Imagine, You are standing on an extremely tall building inside a game with a great view, ok..still not impressed, now Imagine You can see all the players, thousands or even millions, from the top that are yet to explore what you did and all that in a REAL-TIME. Insane, right? The best thing is solutions are limitless and there are no sub servers or mirrored instance rooms, all players are hosted in a single giant VR world.

Founder  of Somnium Space stated:

“You can start a business and instantly monetize your ideas, visit the planetarium or museum, touch the water, or go mountain hiking.”

You can feel it all like it’s alive. Weather is changing, mornings, nights, the shadow of the trees or like in reality. Somnium 2.0 update is to celebrate for making these insane features possible for players as well as native NFT integration.

NFT integration allows you to build and implement your creation on land parcels that you already own. It helps you improve graphic accuracy, full-body avatars, and support for the Builder and Unity SDKs for building and avatar importing.

With NFT’s users can create and tokenize items, avatars, or entire structures directly from the Somnium PC client, allowing anyone to monetize their creations instantly. This will have far-reaching consequences for the future of social VR and blockchain-powered economies.

There are millions of more reasons you should try this game out, and million new use-cases NFT’s made possible, one is for sure, a bright future is ahead of Somnium Space, VR, and the gaming world.