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NFTs are changing the game industry!

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The emotional connection between a collector and a subject was analyzed by experts for many years. There is something in humans loving to emotionally connect to an artifact of their desire and there is nothing wrong with that.

That feeling is what produces a value of certain items and innovation managed to knock on that door as well. Digital objects, existing only virtually, in the digital world called NFTs became viral in 2021. Created on the Ethereum blockchain with the possibility of authentic elements integrated using cryptography, NFTs represent a “must-have” for the new era collectors.

We hear about large sales of crypto art, all over the media these days.

Some big names managed to make a fortune out of this futuristic trend. 

There is no end on the horizon for NFTs success, quite the opposite, it’s just a beginning.

And it all started with games. 

Well, actually the mainstream did, and that’s what’s important right? Launched In October 2017, by Canadian company Axiom Zen the famous CryptoKitties blockchain game was mainly responsible for NFTs getting popular. The game allows players to trade, adopt and raise digital cats. The rising crypto market in 2017 helped the game to gain such success and to the day the game made over $40 million. “Dragon” was the most expensive Cryptokittie sold so far. The highest bidder got it for 600ETH. The game is still extremely popular today with collectors waiting to get their hands on some of the pieces.

Axie Infinity

It was developed in 2018. One of the most popular NFT Ethereum blockchain games at the moment. Players best describe it as a mix of Pokémon and CryptoKitties. Its native cryptocurrency, an ERC-20 token called Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) was launched in November 2020. The AXS token could be earned playing the game as well as purchased or traded.

Where are NFTs in this game?

Smartly made, the characters in the game, called Axies are NFTs themselves. Yes, you can store your game character on your wallet or trade it with another player. That is not the end, virtual land and items are also made as NFTs which makes this game super cool. The game is multiplayer and both PVE (player vs environment/the game) and PVP (player vs player) in the arena mode. By winning players receive a “Small Love Potion” (SLP) which is also a token tradeable on exchanges. 

The demand for this game raised in 2021 having over 28000 players at the moment. 

It’s more than interesting and Axies dev team does their best work to make it possible for a much larger number of players to play it. If they succeed, which we believe they will, they can expect to reach the stars in the future of NFT gaming.


If you love football, then you have to love Sorare. It’s a fantasy football game where players are managers of their football team of 5 players. You can choose your players from the NFT cards which you got on the platform or traded with somebody. Players are ranked based on real-life performance. Cards’ special tiers are rare, super rare, and unique.

There are 126 football clubs officially licensed on Sorare, including top clubs like Liverpool and Real Madrid. There is a way of earning more rewards by playing against the other “football managers” on the platform.  The game got extremely popular between sports and blockchain fans since it has a real-life element.

If you love sports, enjoy smart gamin and you didn’t try Sorare yet, do it now!

The Six Dragons

Described as the World’s first blockchain open-world RPG game, The Six Dragons brings more and more attention to gamers worldwide, especially after a partnership with PlayStation. The Six Dragons is a feature-rich fantasy.

Open World RPG inspired by some of the most recognizable games of the last two decades. The game features a colorful 256-kilometer-long world filled with endless adventures, thrilling battles, and the freedom to do literally whatever you want. Players can travel to new worlds, farm for useful resources, craft over 300 unique pieces, trade with other players, and develop their skills.

The Six Dragons team’s goal is to gain mainstream players into blockchain gaming and show them the advantages of NFTs which improve the excitement of the play.

It’s sooo fuuun, but you don’t have to believe me, try it out to be sure.

The games we mentioned in this article are some of the most popular blockchain and NFT based games but there are much more worth mentioning which we will definitely do in one of our next articles.