McDonald’s offers Big Mac and fries NFTs

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McDonald’s France is preparing to release its own digital artworks in the form of non-fungible tokens NFTs, which will reflect some of the restaurant’s most iconic menu items.

McDonalds is not selling its virtual works, unlike other brands that have lately made large sums of money with the launch of their NFTs.

On Sunday, McDonald’s shared an Instagram post with the hashtag “#McDoNFT” announcing the arrival of the first two NFTs, which represent a box of Chicken McNuggets and the famed Big Mac.

On Tuesday, it was followed by a tweet confirming two more McDonald’s NFTs–sundae and fries.

The videos will be tokenized and posted to OpenSea by the New York-based agency DDB. According to local publication la Réclame, each work will be limited to five copies, for a total of 20 exclusive works.

McDonald’s, unlike other companies that have launched NFTs in recent weeks, isn’t selling digital artworks. Instead, McDonald’s France will host a contest for its social media fans, with the first two NFTs available from April 9 to April 13, and the remaining two NFTs available from April 14 to April 18.

The winners, though, will be free to do whatever they want with their NFTs, according to DDB social media head Pierre Guengan. “If a person wants to sell it, it’s possible, but it will not be our doing,” said Pierre.

Also, the contest winners will receive a digital frame that will reproduce the work in the real world.

McDonald’s foray into Enjin, a blockchain company, raised $18.9 million for Efinity, a Polkadot-based ecosystem of NFTs. Capital, DFG Group, and Hashed led the fundraiser round. BlockTower, Ventures, and a slew of other investors backed the private sale.

In recent months, NFTs burst into the popular consciousness with sales volumes surging amid reports of digital artworks smashing auction records. Brands have jumped at the chance, releasing their own digital collectibles and artworks.

They include Playboy, which will launch digital collectibles via an NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, TIME magazine, which issued three covers as NFTs, and even Taco Bell, which launched a collection of taco-themed digital collectibles on NFT marketplace Rarible.

Despite the media coverage, NFTs still have a long way to go before being widely accepted; according to a recent poll, only 27% of Americans are aware of NFTs.