How to discover NFT projects early in 2022

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Have you missed out on NFT projects in the past? You are not to blame. If you have the information I am about to share with you now, you would have been on the list of BAYC and CryptoPunks owners. That’s lucrative, right? Yes, it is. Follow my guide to discover NFT projects early, do your research, and keep yourself updated with relevant information about the NFT world. Based on my experience and advice from experts in the NFT world, here are the best ways to discover NFT projects early in 2022.

NFT community/collabs 

Most times, several NFT projects collaborate with new and upcoming projects, and they always post this collab in their NFT discord announcement section for those interested in joining early. What distinguishes a good NFT collection from a fantastic one is the community; if people believe in what you’re doing and help it go viral, it’ll become highly famous. Cryptopunks is an example; it didn’t have value, but the community supported the project, and there you have it. It is where it is today because the members of the community believed in the project. You can get into a community and make your presence felt, you can get rewarded for your reputation, and you can win giveaways or one NFT collection to add to your series of collections. 


Discord is the home of the NFT community; you get to chat and connect with a new project after joining through an invite from a close friend, a Twitter account created for the project, or the project website. The most powerful tool you can use to verify an NFT project is an active social media and discord community. NFT owners would not only cling to their NFTs, but they will also market the NFT wherever they go. All in all, if you are a good user of discord, you will surely get in early to any project and won’t be left behind or miss out on the WL spot for mint. 


Before joining discord, social media is where the journey starts. Most of these NFT projects interact with interested individuals eager to get in early through the WL spot and $50 plus giveaways. Several influencers announce the latest NFT launches on YouTube; all you need to do is subscribe and follow their updates with additional research of your own such as checking the value and rarity of an NFT before buying one. For example, CryptoKitties began with a small number of kittens, but as time went on, they began to distribute more and more for various reasons, and we all know how that turned out. CryptoPunks has only issued 10,000 NFT and has stated that it would not mint any more, as does Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

NFT launch tracking sites

There are several NFT tracking sites to choose from. They provide basic information about each new project, such as active discord members and Twitter followers. The popularity of a new project is accessed based on those two metrics. While MintyScore and NFTclick lead in terms of relevance, notable mentions are rarity.toolsNFT calendar, and Next Drop. They feature NFTs that are on the Solana and Ethereum blockchain.