What is WL? How to get one via Discord

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Several NFT projects such as BAYCcryptopunks have each held their NFT WL event in the past before the official mint date. Due to a large number of projects on the market, finding good NFT projects has become difficult. Several popular projects sell out in minutes, preventing latecomers from taking advantage of them. Furthermore, when everyone tries to buy at the same moment, gas fees to mint the NFT skyrocket. In fact, there were times when the gas fee was more expensive than the NFT’s mint price, thereby pricing most people out. 

However, the NFT whitelist has emerged as an effective solution to curb the menace caused by gas wars – when multiple investors try to mint NFTs simultaneously, which results in a hike in transaction fees. 

What is WL?

Whitelisting in the context of NFTs indicates that a crypto wallet address (e.g., a public ETH address) has been pre-approved for minting NFTs on specific dates. NFT initiatives can use whitelisting to reward early NFT discord members with guaranteed slots to mint an NFT (or several NFTs, depending on the whitelisting/project rules).

Whitelisting is mainly used for two purposes;

  1. To avoid gas wars
  2. To reward active participants of an NFT project

Aside from getting a whitelist spot, you are also guaranteed to mint at WL price, which is lower than the mint price, or even a free NFT in some cases. 

How to earn WL spot on New NFT projects

To get a WL spot, each new NFT project has different WL requirements and guidelines that you can follow to be on the whitelist. It’s a straightforward process, and here are some of the activities you are expected to do depending on the NFT project: 

  1. Stay active and chat on discord chat channels
  2. Participate in giveaways in the NFT community 
  3. Invite friends to join the discord
  4. Chat on discord and get to a certain required level
  5. Get in early and be an active contributor to their growth
  6. Participate in raffles for being an early supporter 
  7. Follow, RT, and like the Twitter posts of the NFT project 

Kindly join the following NFT projects below, chat via discord and do what is required to earn a whitelist spot. 

Atomverse NFT discord channel 

Metaversus NFT discord channel 

BAPES clan NFT discord channel

Juvenile Otters NFT discord channel