Zombie Zebras – Board the NFT train

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It feels like an eternity since a genuinely remarkable project was launched on OpenSea. The marketplace earned a lot, but there was not enough quality, uniqueness, or artistic leadership to be found; please accept my apologies for any exceptions. That is why, in the last month or two, we haven’t written much about it.

The fact that the NFT market is bullish again is extremely encouraging, especially since BTC reached a new all-time high in crypto-friendly October. However, OpenSea had many projects that had a successful 3 to 4 days, and they all followed a very similar pattern. Cats, dogs, PFP, flex, overly detailed roadmap, and no special delivery from the team after the mint.

We believe this occurred as the NFT community on OpenSea became more focused on “flipping” rather than long-term holding for the sake of the art. What works best for the still-developing NFT space is a mix of fun, professionalism, collectibles, and art. And now we’ve finally found a project that we truly believe will fill every important gap in order to become the next sensation.

Zombie Zebras is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly generated zombies roaming the Ethereum blockchain. Everything about this project has been carefully planned. Their Sale/Mint date was just before Halloween, and we all know that zombies are popular with people of all ages, especially if they are collectibles and works of art. Their style is a PFP, but it is completely original in a sea of dogs and cats avatars. Zebras have a strong sense of self-worth. Zombie Zebras are just extraordinary.

What is their art like?

This project has a very strong designer behind it, as evidenced by flawless art pieces and flawless execution. The emphasis is on the details, which are numerous. What really impresses us is the artist’s ability to make it clear that it’s a zebra and a zombie at the same time, despite the fact that many projects fail to meet that standard.

So literally Every Zombie Zebra is one-of-a-kind and is generated programmatically from over 150+ possible attributes and traits such as background, skin, clothes, mouth, head, brains, throat, eyes, hats, and other accessories. Some Zombie Zebras are rarer than others, so only the most fortunate minters will be able to obtain them.

We love that every Zombie Zebra is infectious because it sounds like the team has plans for the future of that feature, which could be extremely useful and cool. There are some hints from the team on their website ( ) but what and if that will be the case for sure remains a mystery! The team is pretty serious and active on discord (discord link) as well as on Twitter ( ). It consists of 5 members and each one has a very dope name.


What we like about this project is that it has a detailed and clear roadmap that is more than capable of being carried out, especially when the team working on it is as professional as theirs, and we all know how important that is! Ok, let’s share their roadmap with our users!

0% – Exclusive discord only for verified users

25% – $25K Wildlife Refuge and COVID-19 Virus Relief Charity Recipient Announcement

50% – Zombie Zebras Liquidity pools filled with $50k and will be used as a DAO – in a democratic way, of course

75% – $75K Zombie Metaverse Pool is activated for the Zombie Land Grab

90% – Exclusive merchandise and IRL art

100% – It’s a surprise! Go on their website and see for your selves.

Okay, now it’s time to talk about important things for anyone who is fortunate enough to become an official Zombie Zebra member.

  • Mint price – It’s gonna be more than fair in our opinion especially compared to other drops as you can get 1 Zombie Zebra for 0.05 eth
  • Total mint per address and total whitelist/stripe list as they love to call it, spots will be announced on their Twitter and discord.
  • Rarity will be established algorithmically based on all traits and their combinations and we will be able to calculate it on (linkuj) after the public sale.
  • Ok, one more hint is that the team plans to open a Zombie Zoo. Wow.

This being said, we are more than optimistic and extremely excited about the Zombie Zebras release and expect it to reach highs on the secondary market. The team also already thinks and hints about other collections that show that they are 100% into the project. A good vibe is felt in their community and each aspect needed for a successful launch is filled and we are more than happy to mint a couple of our own! Elegance and artistic flex, combined with effective marketing, are more than enough reasons for NFT fans to board this Zombie spaceship.