What are Polkamons, who are Polkamons?

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Cute, cute, and cute. Polkamon craze is creating hype on the most popular NFT marketplace – OpenSea. By now at least 50% of the world has seen an anime cartoon and the other 50% have heard of it.

The anime trend started in Japan and now it’s spread through the whole world creating a frenzy among fans. With the NFT market booming, allowing various use-cases, combination with anime is a definite WIN-WIN.

This is where Polkamons hop in, being exactly that, a perfect mixture of cuteness, art, fun, and blockchain. They are digital collectibles backed by a completely unique NFT that is inseparable from any other NFT and can be unpacked with $PMON tokens, the  Polkamon platform’s native ERC-20 token.

Each “Polkamon” is authentic and diverse in rarity. Polkamon NFT can be easily incorporated into modern games, art, and other blockchain technology products.

Technology for building used by Polkamon is made of three layers that create an innovative and viable Ecosphere. The base is an NFT decentralized ownership system. This ownership system is supported by $PMON tokens for increased liquidity and trading options. This gives Polkamon dev team the ability to constantly work on new partnerships to implement Polkamons in, in other words, new use cases for Polkamons.

The developing team behind Polkamons consists of three software engineers, The CEO – Leif Eric Leiser, CMO Lenard Brandt, and full-stack developer Finn Hansen.

What they said about them on their website Polkamon.com is:

Our vision is best described as three layers that are the building blocks for a modern and sustainable collectibles ecosystem. The base is the NFT-based decentralized ownership system supported by an ERC20 Token for increased liquidity and trade ease. Built upon that is a layer that enriches the sole NFTs by detail-rich visuals and metadata. And the highest level is the application level, where the proven ownership together with visuals and metadata creates a large universe of utilization“.

The current trading volume of Polkamon on OpenSea see is 900ETH (1.7M) at a time of writing putting them shoulder by shoulder with the biggest “Sharks” on the NFT market and they’ve just started. Art – wise Polkamons are so cute that they magnetically make you look at them and wish to have one, unique and definitely have a style of their own.