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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse are two of the fastest-growing and most popular concepts in the cryptocurrency market. As digital use spreads, both of these industries will grow and skyrocket. When it comes to spending an amount on a project, one of the important principles to remember is to buy at a low price and sell high. It’s easier said than done, though. 

Key Takeaways

  • The current crypto market downturn gives a fantastic opportunity to get a great deal on some excellent digital assets.
  • Each of these cryptocurrencies is now trading at a considerable discount to its all-time highs, with significant upside potential.

The following three cryptocurrency projects, on the other hand, are poised to deliver on that investment advice this year. These projects combine two of the year’s most popular crypto trends: the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

1. Axie Infinity 

Battle, collect and earn in the digital nation. 

Axie is a combo fight game with cute “monsters” that can also be traded with other players, similar to Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon card trading games. Axie users, on the other hand, have a strong stake in the blockchain game because they cannot only play and interact in it, but they can also own, make, sell, and earn money through in-game NFT transactions. Axies are “monsters” that may be bred, upgraded, battled, and traded using the Axie Infinity game platform. More than 500 different body parts are available to Axie characters, resulting in millions of possible combinations. Instead of selling digital land like Decentraland and The Sandbox, Axie allows players to earn real money simply by playing the game. Axie’s primary allure is its play-to-earn mechanism, in which players earn AXS tokens for winning battles or breeding/selling monsters. The AXS tokens can be used to make purchases in-game or exchanged for other cryptos or fiat currencies on crypto exchanges.

For more details about this NFT project, visit the website to play the game and have fun. Drag your friends to play the game with you. Have fun and earn while you can. 

2. Killer GF 

Killer GF is a 7,777-piece generative portrait art collection by Zeronis, a former Riot Games artist. It is a combination of attractive and artistically appealing girlfriends who are also dangerous killers.

For more details about the story and roadmap, visit the website and join the discord channel for giveaways and additional information. Go to OpenSea to see the low price to get a killer GF at 1.1 ETH only. Get as many killer GF you can spend on and conquer the war. 

3. Monster Ape club

At 0.5 ETH, the monster Ape club is a cheap NFT project you can add to your collection. 

Monster Ape Club is a blockchain-based collection of 7,999 randomly produced 3D Monster Apes. N-Hance Studio created the artwork. Blizzard, Riot Games, and other well-known projects collaborated with their artists.

In the Metaverse, you’ll be able to use your Monster Ape as an avatar. It can also be used to gain access to several member-only benefits and exclusive physical goods.


BAYC started from a very low price; now, it has skyrocketed with over 100 ETH floor prices. You need to get in early and invest in the above cheap NFT projects.