The NFL Brings NFT ticketing to the Super Bowl

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The National Football League (NFL), the second-biggest football league in the world, is in constant evolution and continues to update itself with emerging technologies. Now, for the very first in its history, the NFL has announced it would be offering tickets in the form of NFTs. These tickets will be given to fans of the NFL attending the Super Bowl this weekend.

With the Super Bowl LVI coming, the NFL has seized an opportunity to celebrate its fans by offering commemorative NFT tickets. NFL by forming a partnership with Ticketmaster will be airdropping the non-fungible commemorative tickets to fans attending this year’s Super Bowl. As a result, every fan who purchases a ticket to the Super Bowl gets to have it in an NFT form.

Being energy and environmentally conscious, the NFT is minted on the Polygon chain which is highly energy efficient. And certainly, the NFT tickets will pass the test of time, lasting long after the physical tickets are gone.

According to the NFL’s SVP, Club Business Development, Bobby Gallo, believes fans of the NFL have always loved to collect ticket stubs. And this is especially true when the season’s biggest game is at hand. As a result, offering the Super Bowl NFTs to fans allows for fans to have a heightened gameday experience. But that’s not all, as this huge step for the NFL means they can further venture into the NFT scene for more engagement opportunities and further ticketing.

This NFT giveaway will be the NFL’s second entry into the NFT scene. Around last year November/December, the National Football League initiated and successfully executed a trial of its ticketing initiatives. Following this huge success, the organization decided to expand its boundaries pushing deeper into the NFT space.

Motivated by this initial success, and to celebrate the return of  Super Bowl LVI to LA, the NFL has begun to release a sequel of seven historic commemorative NFTs. According to the plan, each of these NFTs will be released individually and that has kicked off since the 6th of February and plans to end on the 13th of February.

The Super Bowl still has some crypto surprises for fans of the NFL. Several renowned crypto brands are said to take up advertising at the Super Bowl. It is rumored that the Bored Ape Yacht Club will make an NFT showcase to about 100,000 million fans during the halftime show.