The New York Stock Exchange Reveals NFT Ambitions

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The New York Stock Exchange is more than ready to venture into the metaverse after filing a new trademark application. The application was filed at the US Trademark and Patent Office with the hope of registering NYSE for a range of crypto-related assets.

Michael Kondoudis, the trademark attorney’s, revealed that the application was filed on the 10th of February 2022 to register the classic NYSE” trademark. The trademark was registered for several crypto-related products like digital collectibles such as tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). That’s not all, an online marketplace where investors can sell and buy crypto assets, and an exchange that allows crypto trading services are included in the crypto products registered for the trademark.

The announcement came via the attonery’s Twitter page affirming that the NYSE has plans to trademark the exchange for a range of crypto-related products. The attorney also added that NYSE venturing into the metaverse is the latest validation that the metaverse is concrete. He continued by saying that it is just a matter of time before more firms and businesses find their way into the virtual realms.

While this trademark application is a huge step for NYSE towards venturing into the metaverse, this isn’t its first time. The exchange, early last year, initially ventured into the digital collectible realm to test the waters. And clearly, the success of the initial efforts is what’s driving the NYSE’s full movement into the metaverse realm.

NYSE initially ventured into the virtual space last April unveiling a series of NFT tokens to celebrate the first trade of one of its six prominent listings. Subsequently, additional info was released on a landing page devoted to the NFT collection on the NYSE official website. The landing page celebrates the listings of stocks such as Snowflake, Spotify, DoorDash, Unity, Coupang, and Roblox.

NYSE explained that the idea behind these six NFTs was truly fitting. The exchange also affirmed that a lot of NYSE NFTs will be launched shortly as it continues to entertain innovative and new firms in its community.

However, during that period, the NFTs did not get listed on any trading platform. Rather, the items served as a vital moment in NYSE’s history. Presently, the series of digital collectibles that are restricted to ten per listing will be made available on

Whatever the outcomes might be, it will be quite fascinating to see the path NYSE will carve for itself on its Metaverse adventure.