Social Games

Social Games – Multi-world cross-game platform

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As we are all aware, we live in a fast-changing world and we have to be prepared to keep up. The world around us is changing faster than ever before. It is changing politically, socially, economically, and technologically. The world is going through a fascinating transformation.

The world of gaming is forever evolving and with it comes new gamers. The sector has welcomed 500 million new competitors in the last three years. Gaming is a much bigger and more important industry than most people recognize. It’s also a pathway that will enable society to evolve and transform. We must not omit the cryptocurrency revolution, Web3, DeFi, and Metaverse. Crypto is already deep into the gaming world and is not planning to stop. A large number of people are spending their lives online, porting themselves as avatars. Advancements in technology, like augmented reality and virtual reality, have become more widely available and we aren’t even aware of the extent to which we are interconnected via the internet.

Looking at these trends, we must mention Social Games, a multi-world cross-game platform that allows individuals to socialize, have fun playing games with their friends all over the globe, and earn some pretty incredible prizes. This platform is designed for everyone who wants to play games and receive prizes, whether they are casual or serious gamers.

Social games is a web-based multi-player gaming platform that combines both the latest internet and social trends and technologies. The platform uses a play-to-earn model to give economic rewards to players who participate in the platform, creating an economic cycle around their own token called SOGA.

What is interesting about Social Games is the ability to video chat with other players in real-time during gameplay. This is a fantastic feature that is both entertaining and engaging. The first themed world in Social Games is named Cybercity, and each user can play all available games and face various obstacles while engaging with the community. As you advance there will be certain perks, awards, access to a new world, and many more benefits. Each themed world includes unique challenges, games, and personalized characters. In addition, the hero upgrade mechanism, their gear and items, resources and world mechanics will be different for each world.

Social games

Now, the amazing part is that each world has its own native characters, and they have unique features and abilities. There are a couple of ways you can obtain your new character, or better say your new HERO. You can participate in some special events, find all the parts to assemble the hero, and then mint it, or you can buy it as an NFT through the marketplace. One more amazing feature and exciting experience is that heroes can jump across multiple games! As the NFT travels from world to world and game to game, those skills and experiences stay with them and have an impact on gameplay. Those NFT characters that have traveled to more worlds and have acquired unique skills would effectively increase their rarity and therefore become more sought after and valuable to other players. The more you play, the more points you accumulate, and that allows you to improve and unlock some new skills.

You and your buddies may form “Tribes”. This is free and you can be a member of as many tribes as you want. Your tribe will have a private space with some group challenges, member rankings, and of course the video chat ability.

They are planning on launching their marketplace in May 2022, so that players can start trading NFTs, and around the same time, they will bootstrap liquidity for the liquidity pool for SOGA. They said: “At a later stage, we will launch a specialized world focus on Virtual Reality. In this world, some specific sufficiently evolved NFT heroes will be able to participate. More details about this world will be announced towards the end of 2022.”

Soga Token Distribution

They have a mission to become an open and diverse platform for friends to have fun and enjoy. There are many ways a player can earn SOGA token rewards, like reaching some milestones, second-hand marketplace, staking it, etc. So they will not reward you with money or SOGAs just for playing the game, and it doesn’t cost you money or tokens just to play it! Initial deployment of the SOGA token will be on the Polygon blockchain network, but in the future, they are considering bridging into maybe Solana. Tokens you earn can be used to buy some items from the shop, pay to enter some special events, trade NFTs… SOGA tokens can also be withdrawn and stored in any ERC20 wallet and traded for other tokens.

This is a very ambitious project, and their goal is to create a robust community of game collaborators. You can learn more about this project by visiting their website and following them on Twitter and Instagram, and absolutely join their amazing community on Discord. You should absolutely delve into this incredible game environment to discover some of the greatest features available.