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 I wanna start this with WOW. This NFT project is giving 50% of all generated money directly to their supported charities. But who are they? Meet “Save the Ethimals”.

“This is life on earth that will never return. We are experiencing an extinction rate that is hundreds to thousands of times higher than the natural rate’’.

Save the Ethimals is raising public awareness of the rapid rate of animal extinction and reminding everyone of the beauty of our world and all creatures on it. They intend to significantly decrease the tragedies and prevent extinctions. They have direct relationships with well-known humanitarian organizations that are already doing an amazing job keeping these species from becoming extinct in the future.

There will be 3010 pieces in this collection from 210 unique Ethimals, with 7 different properties. One of them, Risk of Extinction, is linked to a total supply of the collection, representing the true risk of extinction in the real world. That means, the higher the risk in the real world, the rarer is the Ethimal in the collection.


Besides the main goal of this project, which is giving 50% of all mint and secondary sales to charities, they have a few more interesting utilities. I wanna start with the “real world utility”. Raising awareness about future extinctions is something I truly believe is necessary. We are completely unaware of what is happening around us, especially in the digital space, and this is a great reminder to start thinking about the problem of extinction as well as highly endangered animals. This initiative is new and not yet seen, and it deserves all the attention. I hope they can raise awareness and raise the much-needed finances for preventing extinction. 

Other than raising awareness, this project is giving back to its community, with 1% of every transaction getting back to the holders. Talking about caring for animals AND their community. As I already said there will be different kinds of rareness, meaning there will be only 10 pieces of “Extinct Ethimal”. So we will have 10 lucky people, who will receive not only the rarest items in the collection but also 1ETH each! How amazing. Also, for every Save The Ethimals NFT that you mint, you will receive 10 shares in GiveBlock (a new philanthropic crypto start-up that aims to become the go-to hub for philanthropic giving with crypto). They have many plans for the future, like airdrops, staking rewards to “SAVE” your Ethimal in their digital enclosure and earn passive income, etc.


Save the Ethimals brings the NFT community together to rescue endangered creatures all around the world. They developed contacts with some wonderful organizations and offered a clear, formal charitable giving strategy via WorkForGood. All allocated money goes to their charity fund. Everything is transparent and the community will be able to see how much money is raised and distributed to charities. The money is distributed equally between these 8 charities: WWF, International Animal Rescue, Bug Life, Four Paws, WildLife SOS, Whale & Dolphin Conservation, Tigers 4 Ever, & Born Free.

They will strengthen relationships between the technological and environmental sectors to help address real-world challenges, bringing new blockchain-based ideas to the forefront of national/international conservation dialogues. Save The Ethimals is the largest project pushing philanthropic efforts on the blockchain. We sincerely hope they achieve their aim.