Qantas to Launch Aeroplane-Themed NFTs Ladened with Utility

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To create and launch its own airplane-themed NFTs modeled uniquely for gamers, Qantas has formed a partnership with the Ethex team. Qantas being one of the biggest airlines in Australia has more than 80 aircraft and so will take its time to fully plan and execute this innovative project.

Certainly, the airplane NFT game will be one of the latest in the NFT space and will be made available on the airline’s official website. The NFTs are said to be ingrained with lots of utilities and will come with a plane printed in 3D.

The news about Qantas, arguably the greatest in the whole of Australia gearing itself to venture into the NFT space is certainly great news for NFT enthusiasts, According to reports, Qantas will be launching its first collection of aviation-themed NFTs giving flight passengers the chance to adore the aeronautic historical past of the airline. Similarly, passengers will also get to enjoy various utilities ingrained in the NFTs.

Qantas’ efforts towards NFTs will see a set of unique and distinctive, one-of-one NFTs that are aircraft styled arrive on the blockchain. This is said to be Qantas’ celebration of the magnificent aircraft which have graced its fleet in all of its 100 years of historic existence. Simultaneously, fans of the airline will also have the chance to interact and relate to new sets of collectibles.

It is also worth pointing out that Qantas will offer additional value by allowing frequent flyer members to earn and collect points through the program. According to Qantas, the points can be redeemed for perks such as refreshments, flight tickets, various merchandise, and many more. To add to this, the airline also promises that exclusive NFT holders would have access to additional perks and features made available in the future.

To properly monitor and retain its ecological credentials, Qantas has also promised to launch its NFTs collection on low carbon, proof-of-stake blockchain. The airline also affirmed that it will offset any emissions leftover through a carbon buyback scheme to eliminate any environmental issues while maintaining a carbon neutral stance.

In other news, Qantas is also looking to launch its native digital token which will help monitor the movements of planes in its fleet. The tokens are reported to be most likely established on the Ethereum Blockchain and can be exchanged for physical items. Items such as hotel rooms, flight tickets, and other digital coins.

So do not keep your eyes off the Qantas social media accounts or better still, you can register on the waitlist to gain further information.