Pringles joins Virtual Art Craze

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Pringles announced the release of a new limited-edition flavor called “CryptoCrisp” on Twitter earlier this week, but you won’t be finding it on grocery store shelves.

Pringles released a limited number of 50 NFTs in their “CryptoCrisp” collection and only 50 packages of “In real life” special flavor packages of chips. Each NFT has a different Pringles can image with a total of 50 variations. They are auctioning this collection on the famous Rarible marketplace with a starting bid of $2 and the highest bid being at 0.4 ETH ($730) for a piece at the moment of writing.

Purchase entitles the buyer to a 1080×1080-pixel 6-second video file of a spinning gold Pringles can, as well as a certificate of authenticity ensuring its uniqueness.

All the profit from this auction goes to the artist in charge of creating these artworks for Pringles, Vasya Kolotusha.

Generous from the multimillion-dollar brand, and considering how tasty, original, and authentic their chips are, there is no doubt that they can show some skills in the growing NFT world as well.