Pak Collabs with WikiLeaks in NFT campaign to Free Julian Assange

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Pak, a celebrated and renowned digital artist in collaboration with WikiLeaks has launched an NFT collection on account of Julian Assange, the non-profit’s imprisoned founder. The NFT collection was launched to mount pressure on the release of Assange. The collection is also aimed at supporting the German-based charity, Wau Holland Foundation which has generated huge donations in millions of dollars for WikiLeaks

Assange, since April 2019, has been imprisoned in London after the Ecuadorian embassy of London terminated his asylum status. In the month that followed, he was charged by the Eastern District Court of Virginia on 17 counts of espionage. These counts are linked to file documents that Assange released to the general public via WikiLeaks. Presently, his legal team continues to fight against a case of extraction which could see him face charges in the U.S. 

Pak, whose project titled the Merge generated approximately $92 million on Nitty Gateway last year, is now collaborating with WikiLeaks. The collaboration, on the 7th of February, 2022 launched an NFT collection dubbed ‘Censored’ as a reference to Assange. The NFT collection was released the same day as the deadline for Assange’s legal team to defend their case.

The NFT collection is said to be a gospel of Assange’s journalistic history of publishing classified documents tied to war, spying, crime, and corruption. The NFT collection is of two segments – a dynamic NFT which features an image that evolves with time depending on a dynamic open edition that anyone can participate in and smart contract data. Hopefully, the NFT collection mounts the necessary influence the collaboration hopes it would have on Assange’s case. Before Assange was indicted, he was very popular for publishing articles relating to intelligence, war, and corruption. He often called his practices ’scientific journalism’ this is because he often provided an editorial commentary each time he published a material.

While not being directly linked to the NFT collection, FreeAssangeDAO, an official body established towards Assange’s release, also plans on bidding on the dynamic NFT. The inspiration to establish this body came from FreeRossDAO, which is based on a similar situation. However, the FreeRossDAO body was established for the founder of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht. 

The collaboration between Pak and WikiLeaks makes so much sense. This is because Pak is one of the most revolutionary digital artists of our time. And Assange, a man who shines the light on political problems and international affairs via WikiLeaks. In fact, call it a partnership made from heaven.