NFTs Taking Over Metaverse: New and Upcoming Projects

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Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in general, saw a massive increase in public adoption and various use cases in 2021. And among various segments of the crypto market, one that exceptionally stood out and gained the interest of many investors is the NFT market.

The NFT marketplace is a growing market where users mint, buy, or sell Non-Fungible tokens. These Non-Fungible tokens include GIFs, videos, digital arts, images, music, and various digital data that are non-interchangeable.

Aside from NFTs, the Metaverse concept also grew exceptionally in 2021 which saw many investors key into the emerging tech. The Metaverse is a digital scene that incorporates VR, AR, NFTs, blockchain technology, and online gaming to build a digital model of the real world.

Seeing how interesting the concept of Metaverse is and the many opportunities it presents, lots of established and startup firms are beginning to show interest. In fact, Facebook Inc. just recently went through a major rebranding and now goes by Meta. This is an indication of the firm’s dedication to pulling Metaverse into the mainstream.

So far so good, existing Metaverse projects such as SAND, the native token of the Sandbox, and MANA, a 3-D virtual reality platform have greatly rewarded investors. Last year, SAND saw a surge of about 14,000% while MANA saw an increase of 4,000%. These are just many of the few ways Metaverse gained massive hype and attracted many investors.

As existing Metaverse projects continue to grow, new and upcoming projects are getting ready to launch this new year. So, if you’ve missed out on getting into Metaverse projects in their infancy, this is a big opportunity for you. Below are some of the new Metaverse launching this year;

Cross The Ages

Cross the Ages is an upcoming metaverse game that blends both science fiction and fantasy content. The game is based on an NFT trading card game established in the mythical world of Artellium. While the game is free for all to play, players can still earn profits during gameplay. 

The game features various types of cards with distinct levels of rarity and scarcity. The game aims to bank on the nostalgia of playing physical trading cards with friends and family. Above all, the game will feature an NFT market place which will allow players to request physical cards. 

AAG Ventures

AAG Ventures is a new Metaverse project that kicked off as a guild with more than 2,000 players playing on its P2E gaming platform known as Axie Infinity. But presently, the project is expanding and growing into seven under-developed and developing countries to share economic freedom. And this freedom will be shared via NFTs, Metaverse, and blockchain gaming and technology. 

Currently, the platform is offering fractional ownership of NFTs for as low as $1. The project is also planning to provide proper coaching and performance monitoring for players, build more guilds, and help players withdraw their earnings as fiat currency. 


RaceFi is a racing game established on the Solana blockchain that features various battle race game modes, PvE, and PvP. The developers chose the Solana blockchain to give users smooth and quick gameplay. Players on the platform can earn profits for acquiring real estate NFTs, such as billboards, showrooms, and garages. 

For players who love action during gameplay, the platform also features customization preferences for its vehicle to add shields, NOS fuel, and guns. A customization idea that possibly stems from the popular Death Race movie. 

A lot of Metaverse projects will be launching this year 2022 and these projects will certainly benefit investors that can jump in at their early stages. As an investor, you should start positioning yourself right to grow and earn together with these Metaverse projects. 

As things are, the year 2022 is likely to witness more massive growth of NFTs, the Metaverse, and the blockchain gaming market. This is the time to act!