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This year, the boom of interest in NFTs is expected to continue. RAKUTEN, a Japanese electronic commerce and online retail company, is introducing RAKUTEN NFT, a new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that will offer a wide range of NFTs to sell and buy, ranging from sports and music to anime NFT.

Rakuten, a Japanese company, has been interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for some time. The Rakuten Blockchain Lab was founded in 2016 to explore blockchain’s possible uses in the domains of e-commerce and fintech. Rakuten began offering spot cryptocurrency trading services through Rakuten Wallet three years later. The company launched a cryptocurrency exchange and began accepting cryptocurrency payments through the Rakuten Pay App, giving users a new option to pay and boosting digital payments.

The Rakuten NFT platform is a one-stop platform that allows intellectual property (IP) owners to create their own website for the issue and selling of NFTs. The Rakuten Ecosystem will incorporate this NFT platform. That means that millions of Rakuten members can use their Rakuten ID to log in and participate. Users can earn and spend Rakuten Points by using their Rakuten ID while making purchases. Any NFTs purchased can be added to a collection on the buyer’s webpage, or they can be sold in the marketplace.

A variety of anime-related NFTs are available on the Rakuten NFT marketplace. Ultraman anime CG assets and an NFT of the horse racing-themed comic Kurogane Hiroshi G1 Gekitoshi (2010 Series) with pictures by legendary manga artist Hiroshi Kurogane are included in the collection.

The Rakuten company has a lot of ambitions for the future. In 2023 or later, they hope to launch a peer-to-peer service that will allow them to issue and sell NFT content. NFTs with illustrations by well-known manga artists and video footage from TV Asashi, as well as digital trading cards, are among the objectives. The J.League NFT Collection Players Anthem, the official NFT collection of the J.League, will also be produced and sold by Rakuten NFT. Rakuten NFT ART GALLERY, a collection of original NFT artwork chosen by Rakuten NFT, is also in the works.

Leading NFT market platforms such as Opensea, Rarible, Looksrare, and Magic Eden compete with Rakuten NFT, and we hope they can stay in the game.