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Ja Rule enters the NFT art scene and launches his NFT platform.

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Yes, you heard that right, a famous rapper is joining the NFT space with a painting of Fyre Festival Mania. But that was not enough for the “Always on Time” star as he launched his platform Flipkick, working on a position – Head of Artists and Repertoire.

About his first NFT/painting of Fyre Festival Mania, his thoughts are that it brings bad energy as the Fyre festival that should have been organized in the Bahamas ended up being a “never held disaster” having people on the island paying a ticket and ending up with no party, accommodation, food, or anything promised, which resulted in series of lawsuits totaling more than $100m against the organizers. Anyway, in 2019, a judge found Ja Rule innocent of all charges.

Bidding for his Fyre Festival portrait begins Tuesday at noon with a reserve price set at $600,000. He now wants to create a marketplace on which all NFTs will be backed up with Real-life goods and plans to announce his album “Pain is Love 2” as NFT.

“I’m absolutely considering the dangers of speculation in this market,” he says. “But that’s why I really like Flipkick’s physical angle. You can resell that NFT. You can redeem it for the real thing. It’s like the best of both worlds” – Ja Rule said for The Art Newspaper.

Seeing Ja Rule understand the opportunity the NFT market has, we will be seeing more of his celebrity friends join him in the future, that’s for sure.