Hord, follow your champion

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Arm yourself, the Hord token will be released at 10 a.m. UCT tomorrow. Wait, there’s a chance someone hasn’t heard about the Hord project yet. You are not late, you dodged a bullet, and you still have time to participate, a couple of hours to be exact.

So, let’s cut the b#$$%#t and introduce it already.

Are you a crypto enthusiast?

Have you ever traded before?

Do you like making a profit?

Still, new in crypto and would love to have someone proven to be successful to learn and earn from?

If you answered yes to any of those questions Hord project can be beneficial for you. Let’s get to the point already.

The projects allow you to follow the best traders called “Champions” and mirror their Portfolios so they can achieve the same result. Followers represent the “Hord”. Participants opt into a Hord smart contract that tracks a Champion’s portfolio and issues a token based on the data of the live basket of assets broadcasted by the Champion.

Followers can purchase basket tokens, which reflect the real-time value of their basket share. These tokens change in value in response to price changes in the assets mirrored by the underlying basket and can be redeemed or traded. The token that mimics a portfolio is liquid.

Trade these tokens, including closed-ended and time-locked tokens, on the Hord order book DEX, even if the price is higher than the underlying value.

DEX, even if the price is higher than the underlying value. Hord’s multi-filter search makes it easier to find the best performing ETFs based on a variety of criteria. Hord’s leaderboard displays the highest performing portfolios in real-time. Champions are Portfolio Leaders who have a proven track record of high performance. On the Hord Platform, champions are highlighted. Through governance, rising portfolio managers can be admitted to the guild.

Hord Fee Structure:

-Mirroring portfolios pay a 0%-40% gratuity fee for their performance.

-Champions are also collectively distributed 25% of the trading fees generated on the order book DEX. This gratuity is in proportion to the LTV of champions mirrored baskets.

Now, at the beginning of this text, we said the launch is in the morning. We said 10 am UTC. But where?

You can get your precious Hord tokens on the KuCoin exchange that will offer the HORD — USDT pair.

Gate.io, growing Chinese crypto exchange.

Flybeat, Korean exchange.

Uniswap, of course as a DeFi project, it will be traded in a pair with ETH.

This is it for the time being, but we will definitely write more about the Hord project; after all, the listing is only a couple of hours away, and we are off to get ready.