Nathan “Dogface” Apodaca is selling his viral video as NFT

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A man of many talents. A man of diversity. Nathan became a TikTok superstar last year when his video “Dreams” became viral having over 30million views and 5 million likes.

He became so famous on TikTok that sales for Fleetwood Mac tripled after he launched his video. The band captured the best week ever of streaming. Amazing, right?

The man of diversity lives the opposite life having a job in a potato warehouse. But that doesn’t bother him he’s satisfied, and that freedom, that “life is beautiful” momentum is what made him famous on social networks. People feel that energy, even online. And now finally he entered the NFT market.

@420dogface208 is selling that exact, original video that made him famous for a starting price of $500,000.

Ok, there is a little trick with the NFT, which is that it includes only Apodaca riding on the highway while sipping juice, without a soundtrack from “Dreams” since he holds no rights to sell Fleetwood Mac’s song.

Also, the Ocean Spray logo will have to be blurred out.

Regardless of having these perks taken out of the video, it’s still him who made it popular and having him share that success with somebody by transferring the ownership is a big thing.

Noble as always, he said that money earned from his NFT sale will be used for his parents’ new house.

Friday, March 20th is the date his NFT went on the auction on the Rarible marketplace. One of the biggest and most successful NFT marketplaces.

Dogface really made us feel calm for a moment in troublesome times of 2020, so he deserves every bit of this fame, and hopefully, he’ll be as successful in the NFT art space.