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David Beckham, a football star and former Manchester United player, has announced that he would join the DigitalBits blockchain as a worldwide brand ambassador, with intentions to dive into the world of NFTs and the metaverse. Beckham was drawn to the platform because of his passion in revolutionary, inclusive technologies.

According to a statement, David will begin on new projects to “show the strength and potential of DigitalBits blockchain technology.” He’ll publish a series of NFTs and other digital assets on the DigitalBits blockchain as part of the deal, allowing him to connect with followers all around the world while simultaneously promoting the ‘green’ platform. Beckham will use his enormous experience and contacts with other businesses like as Adidas, Maserati, EA, and Diageo, according to a press statement regarding their collaboration.

From a financial standpoint, this is one of the most significant celebrity endorsements a project has ever received. Beckham “has the highest engagement of any international account,” according to DigitalBits, with over 138 million online followers and 9 billion annual impressions across social networks. The relationship will “promote innovation and sustainability in the sector while also cultivating new avenues for Beckham to connect with his fans around the world,” according to the press release.

Beckham stated in the statement, that he is always looking for new methods to interact with his global audience. He realized this was a significant chance to create new experiences for his fans online the moment he spoke with Al (Burgio, the creator) and the DigitalBits team. “I’ve always taken satisfaction in working with the best teams, and I’m very looking forward to working on my NFT collections and other future breakthroughs,” Beckham said.

DigitalBits is excited to collaborate with Beckham to expose blockchain technology’s disruptive power to a wider audience and assist people all over the world realize its genuine potential. In an effort to reach mainstream consumers, crypto firms, notably crypto exchanges, are increasing their connections with sports teams and celebrities.