CryptoSea launch high-utility salty shrimps nft collection

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Solana’s first underwater metaverse, popularly known as CryptoSea, is once again set to introduce a new NFT collection. Sea creatures, specifically salty shrimps, also inspire this second set.

For their inaugural launch, CryptoSea created a Shuffle Sharks NFT collection. This time, the new set of utilities will generally be designed after pixelated cartoon salty shrimp characters. Each token will have unique functions relating to trips, charity, or airdrops.

The Salty Shrimps NFT collection includes over 1,690 tokens. Each shrimp can be distinguished by eight traits, which include the eyes, mouth, hat, neck, clothes, feet, skin, and background. As all NFT collections are, some tokens in this unit will be less common and more limited than others. CryptoSea also revealed that the collection includes nine “ultra-rare” shrimps that were codelessly developed.

On March 7th, owners of Shuffle Shark NFTs will get a first look at these tokens. Each owner on the SolSea and Magic Eden platforms will get a Salty Shrimp NFT as an airdrop. A pre-sale and whitelist mint is scheduled to be held on March 12th. The proposed price for each salty shrimp has been pegged at $63, equivalent to 0.66 Sol.

At 19.00 UTC on March 13th, public sales will be launched. The token can then be bought for 0.99 SOL or $95. CryptoSea disclosed that the first 200 wallets to mint one of these tokens would get an airdrop of the next NFT collection for free. What’s more, lucky wallets will win a trip to Thailand during this event.

These new holders get to enjoy the artistic perks of these NFTs as well as an extravagant adventure to experience the inspirations behind the underwater metaverse. For each salty shrimp mint, a mangrove tree will be planted within coastal saltwater zones. These trees are the elements needed for the marine ecosystems to remain productive and biologically rich.

The Salty Shrimp NFT collection is supported by all Solana-based wallets. Experts suggest that it would be best to use a Phantom Wallet. A set number of royalty shares will accompany the NFTs.

The CryptoSea community is committed to growing the underwater metaverse. It demonstrates this by rewarding existing users and putting more work into developing newer NFT species like the Shuffle Sharks. Existing and new holders now have a virtual home where they can network, hold town hall meetings and events. The space is known as the “Portals Community.”

In a few years, when CryptoSea has released all eight species, holders stand to gain at least 50% of their royalties accumulated in the general wallet. The most amazing part is that they would also visit the proposed CryptoSea Community Beach House at no cost!