Akon launches Carbon Free NFT platform – Akoinnft.io

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Rapper Akon couldn’t resist the NFT movement’s hypnotic effect. Aliaune Damala Badara aka Akon began tweeting about NFTs about a month ago, and the rumor of him releasing his collection quickly became a hot topic in the crypto art community.

Who knew he’d go on to do something much greater, like launching his own marketplace? Not any marketplace but a Carbon-free one.

Given that carbon emission is one of the only disadvantages that NFTs are said to have, this was not only a wise business move but also a step forward in opening up the market to artists who were previously discouraged from joining due to potential negative environmental effects. It is well known that mining Ethereum consumes a significant amount of energy, 31 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity per year, roughly the same as the entire country of Nigeria.

Although it has never been determined whether NFTs contribute to the pollution. The Akoin marketplace aspires to become the market leader for DApp-based services in emerging markets such as Africa. Akon and his skilled and professional development team created Akoin, a new cryptocurrency with the primary goal of assisting and providing amazing opportunities to emerging entrepreneurs in Africa and beyond. It will also be the central currency of Akon City, a modern and fully digital city, the rapper plans to build in his country Senegal. The coin is available on the “whale” crypto exchange, Bittrex.

As written on Akoin.io their mission is:

Unlock the potential of the world’s largest growing workforce by creating learning, earning, spending, and saving opportunities across Africa and other lean economies“.

A great idea combined with great execution is a surefire recipe for success, and superstar Akon is no stranger to it. Aikon.io’s potential is limitless; not even the moon seems out of reach; perhaps Mercur?