Dani Alves, the Legendary Footballer Collaborates with Club Gorgon NFT Project

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Barcelona and Brazil football legend Dani Alves announced that he will be offering a significant amount of support to the Club Gorgon NFT project. To this end, Dani Alves will be collaborating with   Deni Dudaev, a fellow Brazilian and digital creator to design and launch the collection.

Via this remarkable partnership, the team has launched exactly 6,666 Medusa-themed collectibles on the Elrond blockchain network. Each of the collectibles will give holders access to an exclusive members-only club. That’s not all, holders will also get to enjoy a wide range of incredible perks such as monthly airdrops, DAO participation, access to several project-based events.

Since its launch on the 20th of February 2022, Club Gorgon has caught the attention of several celebrities across the globe. Dani Alves, the 38-year-old football legend via his Twitter account further reiterated his devotion to the Medusa art. He claims he is ready to witness what the future has in store for the project.

The collection being established on the Elrond network consists of 80s-inspired digitally hand-drawn paintings of randomized scarcity. Each of the collections is also algorithmically created from a vast pool of 160 distinct traits. Hence, the end product is a varied and wide collection of monstrous serpentine characters with a knack for Greek mythology

To own one of these NFTs, all you have to do is visit the Club Gorgon website and start minting. Once the project has fully launched, the team behind the project will continue to push the new utility out. Some of these utilities include high-quality prints signed by Dani Alves, partial ownership of an incredible NFT gallery at the center of Sao Paulo.

The Elrond Network and its Native Token (EGLD)

Elrond Network is a fast, efficient, and highly scalable blockchain platform for easy access to the digital economy, enterprise use cases, and distributed apps. Now, the network is home to Club Gorgon, a futuristic physical art club where digital artists can airdrop their work to the club’s members.

Like every other network, Elrond also has its native token dubbed Elrond Gold Token (EGLD). The token is used for staking, validator rewards and is used as payments for smart contracts and various transactions

Unlike other tokens, EGLD will not be supplied at once but at a gradual pace following their smart contract. The platform is said to supply about 31 million eGLD coins in the space of 10 years.