NSAV launched its own NFT marketplace

The cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital asset technology business Net Savings Link, Inc., or NSAV, has launched its own NFT marketplace. The NSAV NFT marketplace was developed in collaboration with Vagabond, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that enables businesses to integrate Blockchain into their operations. NFT has recently played a significant and dominant role in the blockchain … Read more


OnlyFans, a popular adult content subscription site, has announced that it would join the NFT marketplace. According to a Reuters article, OnlyFans will now allow fans to upload verified non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as profile images. OnlyFans will initially support only NFTs minted on Ethereum, which will be identified by an icon on the profile image. … Read more


L’Oréal Paris, a well-known cosmetics and skincare company, has entered the NFT market. L’Oréal has created their first NFT collection in collaboration with United Talent Agency. The brand’s new Reds of Worth Colour Riche lipstick, which comes in six tones of red, inspired this NFT collection. It’s called Reds of Worth, and it’s all about … Read more


This year, the boom of interest in NFTs is expected to continue. RAKUTEN, a Japanese electronic commerce and online retail company, is introducing RAKUTEN NFT, a new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that will offer a wide range of NFTs to sell and buy, ranging from sports and music to anime NFT. Rakuten, a Japanese company, … Read more

Dani Alves, the Legendary Footballer Collaborates with Club Gorgon NFT Project

Barcelona and Brazil football legend Dani Alves announced that he will be offering a significant amount of support to the Club Gorgon NFT project. To this end, Dani Alves will be collaborating with   Deni Dudaev, a fellow Brazilian and digital creator to design and launch the collection. Via this remarkable partnership, the team has launched … Read more

Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden announces an airdrop and plans to launch DAO

Magic Eden announced on February 22, 2022, that the marketplace is airdropping NFT tickets to active Magic Eden users and plans to launch a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The Magic Eden project started rolling out the airdrop on February 21 and has released about 4000 NFTs to active wallets. The team also announced the DAO … Read more

The New York Stock Exchange Reveals NFT Ambitions

The New York Stock Exchange is more than ready to venture into the metaverse after filing a new trademark application. The application was filed at the US Trademark and Patent Office with the hope of registering NYSE for a range of crypto-related assets. Michael Kondoudis, the trademark attorney’s, revealed that the application was filed on … Read more

CryptoSea launch high-utility salty shrimps nft collection

Solana’s first underwater metaverse, popularly known as CryptoSea, is once again set to introduce a new NFT collection. Sea creatures, specifically salty shrimps, also inspire this second set. For their inaugural launch, CryptoSea created a Shuffle Sharks NFT collection. This time, the new set of utilities will generally be designed after pixelated cartoon salty shrimp … Read more